Hard Reset Redux


Defend Against the Cyborg Apocalypse

The world we know no longer exists, in fact humanity is on its knees and to top off, what is already a disastrous time for those left in the world, the walls of the last city, Bezoar, have been breached.  Outside the walls is a wasteland, the left over remnants of humanity and the life it once lived, an echo of our history and it is filled with danger, a breach could mean the end of humanity altogether and only you stand in the way of the hostile invaders, the machines of The Sanctuary.

hsr2With extinction of the human race on the horizon, you are the last defense, a CLN soldier who must protect the population that remains.  

A fast paced, technology fueled and futuristic first person shooter, Hard Reset Redux is a great game that you can just pick up and play.  The controls, like many of today’s games, are fluid and second nature as you fight your way through the city trying to eradicate the machines that are connected to one another through a hive mind.  As well as your weaponry, which includes the Cyber Katana a new addition to the game, you can use the environment to your advantage as you take down the mechanical menaces.  

The first time you play the game, you will be forgiven for thinking that it seems dated, but before you know it you have rather murderous machines heading your way and you begin to see the beauty of the game as things start exploding as you make your way through the city.  Each level is introduced to you through a comic-book style cutscene that explains your role in the story lead FPS.  While the story is what allows you to progress further through the game, it is really all about the guns no matter what your preference, the bigger the better, the more destruction the better and it doesn’t hurt to see your enemies being flung here there an everywhere.

There are enemies of all kinds found in Hard Reset Redux, including small swarms of robots, big robots, zombies and the occasional boss.  The fun is working out how to take each one down in the quickest, most efficient and enjoyable manner.  


hsr3Hard Reset Redux is available globally on PC, Xbox One and PS4.  If you purchase the game through Steam, you will automatically be given the Cyber Katana in Shadow Warrior 2 when it is released.  That is not all, if you purchased the original Hard Reset on Steam,  you will get a massive 85% discount when buying Hard Rest Redux, (you have to use the same account of course).  This is an offer also open to anyone who purchase Shadow Warrior in 2013. 
 With brilliant graphics and an action packed campaign, Hard Reset Redux gets a solid four out of five from us! It is true to its roots, an old fashioned shooter, much in the vein of Doom and given the recent revival of that game, there is definitely a place for Hard Reset Redux in today’s market, so pick up your control pad and start shooting to save humanity!
4 out of 5
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