In Haven, Maine, things are not always quite as they seem, in fact most of the time they are the complete opposite of what you think.  You see Haven is home to an unprecedented amount of supernatural happenings that are tough to understand, let alone explain.  

5800Audrey Parker (played by Emily Rose – ER) is an FBI agent that landed in Haven on the trail of a murderer, of course Haven being a place of mystery, Audrey finds herself unable and unwilling to leave until she uncovers the murderer and the secret of this small Maine town.

Based on legendary writer Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, the residents of what appears to be a sleepy town in Maine, Haven, find themselves afflicted with The Troubles.  

Spoiler Alert – If you have not yet seen Season Four do not read the next paragraph.  You have been warned.


After the defeat of Haven’s horrific villain, William, the heroes of our story find themselves celebrating victory, but it is short lived.  Nathan, (played by Lucas Bryant – Beauty & The Beast) and Duke (played by Eric Balfour – 24, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) discover that Audrey Parker has disappeared, their Audrey has gone and in her place stands Mara.  

Mara is by no means Audrey, she has been trapped for years inside by good souls, but now she is free and assaults Haven with a new wave of havoc.  You see, Mara was the person who originally created The Troubles.  

5783Season Five Volume One is now available on DVD, so you can watch all 13 of the episodes in the comfort of your own home, meaning now one will see you cowering behind the sofa or squealing and jumping.  Edge of your seat action and keeping you guessing mysteries, Haven season five is possibly the best one yet!  The original Syfy show is accompanied but a wonderful selection of special features including Audio Commentary, Inside Haven – Featurettes, Haven:Origins: Witches Are Born, Haven:Origins Native Breaks Free.

Haven Season Five Volume One Certificate: 15 Release Date: 12 October 2015 RRP: £ 29.99

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