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In the last few months you have joined me on my journey into the world of learning Japanese with Rosetta Stone.  Having looked at the course, completed my first steps and finished the whole of the first level, I thought it was time to give one of the different learning experiences that can be had with Rosetta, games!

At first I did not think that there would be much point in me trying the games, I certainly wasn’t ready for the gigantic move into ‘Duo’ games, so I figured I would just try the ‘Solo’ ones for now and see how I get on, not holding out much hope as Japanese is tremendously difficult to master.


rosetta31Buzzbingo is the first of four games available to play using the language I have chosen to learn, Japanese.  As with all of the games, there is the option for me to change the settings – Romanised alphabet, hiragana, katakana or kanji, I selected romanised for each game this time around, with a plan to up my level when I get consistent results.

Buzzbingo is exactly like it sounds, a game based on the idea of bingo.  The aim is to listen to the narrative that is being spoken and pick out the words that are being said on the ‘bingo card.’  To complete the game you need to get a line, as you do in bingo, you can then start a new game with a new board!

The game was difficult, I wont lie.  Hearing the spoken words in a narrative removes the ability to know what is being said and therefore increases the listening skill.  However, having said that, once I had a few goes it was much more comfortable to listen to and I was able to pick out various words much quicker.


This game reminds me of the flash cards that young children have to learn words, only a phrase is said and you have to find the picture that matches what has been said.  Now, the complication here is that all of the photos are scattered around the board and on top of each other, so you need to move them about to find the right one and being against the clock this can lose you valuable points.

rosetta37Super Bubble Mania

I can see this being the sort of game that would be popular on social media, the idea is to click on the groups of coloured bubbles that match what is being said out loud.  This is the only game where you can’t change the type alphabet that is used, it is played in hiragana and focuses on the individual sounds made by each character.

At first I found it easy, but as the levels progressed and the time ticked away I went into panic mode as the number of different characters represented increase each time, meaning that you have more colours and sounds to marry up!


rosetta391The last of the four games is a good old fashioned memory game, but with a twist.  Instead of matching images, you need to match the image to the sentence.  I honestly thought this would be impossible to me, my memory is not the best and some days it is non existent, not to mention that the sentences are in a language I am still learning and I need to remember where the picture is to go with each one.

I was partly right, the game was the hardest in my opinion, but only because it challenged me more than the others, but and it is a big but, I was able to complete it, working my way through slowly and taking my time to think through each choice.


Next month I think I will be looking at some of the other exciting activities that Rosetta Stone have created!

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