Heart of Iron IV – Why pick Smaller Countries?


The question that every player should ask when entering a single player game where the world is at stake. Do you take on a bigger challenge?

In games where characters or choices are tiered,  picking the harder game to play can be tricky. However picking the powerful country has its own challenges.


First Attempts

When picking the a country when in a world war in the first few run-throughs of Heart of Iron – it tends to be better to pick a smaller one.

Rather than a big country who has already expanded in different places, taking on a smaller country can add focus to the gameplay.  Focusing on suring up your defences and your political alignments can mean survival.  Currently we are going through a Sweden play-through and tossing and turning over going “fascist” with future ally Germany (who are close by), or going with “Communist” possible ally Russia (who are also close by).

Not every small country will work, if the player picks Austria, who are in shooting distance of Germany – screwed. But picking a country a few over but still in Europe, it tends to play better.


Later Attempts

Playing a world conqueror like a Germany or America or even a UK, can get tiresome for some. So take a smaller country to glory expands the gameplay for us.

Only a few hours into our fourth play-through, we can wait to get Sweden to the top…. 


How do you get extra mileage out of your games?


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