Heart&Slash find themselves on Xbox One and PS4, ready to take on the challenges in front of them in this fantastic game from BADLAND Games.

screenshot_2Heart&Slash is an action packed 3D brawler set in a colourful and vibrant post-apocalyptic world after starting their lives as a Kickstarter project in 2014.  You start the game as Heart, a little robot who has some problems and slightly malfunctions, you find your self in the clutches of QuAssy (Quality Assurance Systems), as evil, omniscient enemy.  This isn’t your standard brawler though, when you die it is permanent and you the are randomly generated with a different level and have to start over, each new play through will leave you with different weapons and items that are used throughout the game, secrets to find, as well as brand new enemies.  As the game progresses Heart meets Slash, a rough gravely veteran and then the game gets really interesting.


The game is charming and great fun, it includes lots of exciting feature to keep your hands firmly gripped to your control pad!  All in all throughout the game you can find up to 75 different weapons, that alone is impressive, but how you approach the game is changed further by the 60 body parts that are scattered about in various places.  Of course there are a bunch of other fun aspects to game play such as teleporting, stopping time, jumping walls, working out the enemy weaknesses and flying with the help of a jet pack.  The possibilities are practically endless and no two game play throughs will be exactly the same as player input will take the characters and their journey in a different direction.

Screenshot_6The game is not linear, fail and die you are dealt a Permadeath, this means that you die and are then reincarnated into another version of your character, but you come back different and so do the levels and weapons in each play through.  The levels are all reasonably short, it is the enemies that you face that make the levels longer and more difficult.

HEART_SLASH_MOCK-UP_ENGHeart&Slash is now available on Xbox One (worldwide) and PlayStation 4 (Europe). The North American PS4 launch will take place on Tuesday, June 28th. The game is also available as a physical release in select territories. Pricing is set at $19.99 in North America.


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