“Heck” – Try The Vegetarian Option… A look at “Heck” Meat Alternatives


“Heck” have sent us some of their latest products to review – and we are happy to try some interesting alternatives to a sausage, meatball and a burger.



The Yorkshire food company has gone back to the kitchen table and made wonderful vegetables the star of the show with a delicious line-up of meat-free sausages, burgers and balls.

On a mission to put vegetables centre plate rather than just a bit on the side, HECK Super Greens Balls (vegan), Nuts About Cheese Sausages and Gourmet Goat’s Cheese Burgers – Are currently at Waitrose.

Mindful that they wanted to finally smash the ‘taste-free’ reputation of many meat-free products, the Keeble family behind HECK has combined heavenly protein and fibre-rich veg, nuts and cheeses all chosen for their mouth-watering taste, as well as nutrition benefits.  Completely soya, wheat and gluten-free, and with Super Greens super low in fat too, they’re perfect for vegetarians, coeliacs and anyone looking to curb their meat or calorie intake but still enjoy a decent banger or burger.

So lets see how much taste their products have:


 Super Greens BallsPicture 10336


Thoughts – We got the balls versions to try. It held its flavour well and was well seasoned.  Unfortunately out of then 3 products we tried it lost its shape and texture the most.  Flavour good, texture not so much. 

Nuts about Cheese Sausages

Picture 14114

Thoughts – Good to taste and felt the closest to the true Sausage feel and texture.  We may have overcooked it but it stood up even in overcooked form (with a few pieces stuck in the tray).  Good to taste even if over cooked.


Gourmet Goat’s Cheese Burgers


Picture 6221


Thoughts – Great to taste. From a non-vegan standpoint, the burger is great for a cheese lover.  It held up the best out of the 3 products and we bought it ourselves after the review. 




3 products of differing quality.  The Green balls were not great but should not detract from the other two good products.  The sausages were good and the burgers were great.  Hats off to HECK for creating something different.


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