Every now and then we all like to watch a movie that is emotional, if you are searching one at the moment then Heyday is a great choice and available on DVD from 8th February 2016.


An emotional coming of age movie from Canada sees the Second World War is coming to an end, but the turbulent times of war and the reality of an extremely sick mother leaves Terry Flemming (Adam Butcher – Rookie Blue), a young 16 year old who wishes for nothing more that to work in a hotel, to seek refuge in the fantasies of his imagination.  His dream of working in a big airport hotel in Gander, Newfoundland, fuels the fantasy that takes him away from the harsh realities he is faced with, he wants to be there with the pilots, the passengers and the famous elite who make their way through the airport every day.

6187Living in a quarantined house there is little for Terry to do but completely immerse himself in this wonderland, he indulges every dream and ends up encountering stars of the silver screen, discovering a spy mystery and of course, falling in love with his beautiful neighbour Laurie Dwyer (Joanne Kelly – Warehouse 13).

A beautifully made film that is filled with emotion and will move anyone who watches it.  Adam Butcher provides a standout performance as the young man who is in a terrible situation at an age when he should be experiencing the work and all it has to offer.  Enchanting and heartbreaking at the same time, Heyday is a unique film that is one not to miss.

164437 - Heyday-sleve.inddAvailable on DVD from 8th February 2016 courtesy of Simply Media for £12.99

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