Hitting The Shelves…25th May 2015


This week there are lots of new DVD and Blu-Ray releases, so we have put together a guide to what’s new and worth watching this week! 


Hot off the heels of its TV debut, Critical is now available to watch in the comfort of your own home.  Created by Jed Mercurio, known for Bodies and Line of Duty, Critical is a real-time medical drama that will have you wincing, gripped and astounded.

Starring Lennie James of The Walking Dead, as Glen Boyle a trauma surgeon on leave from the army who is called in to help in the state of the art Major Trauma Centre alongside a crack team o doctors and nurses.  On call, the team are there to deal with the most serious cases, people of the edge of life who need immediate, expert medical care.

Every second counts as the Golden Hour ticks by, sit captivated by the team as they work in real-time to save lives and manage their own.  Lennie James is joined by Catherine Walker, (Strike Back), Claire Skinner, (outnumbered) and Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat) and a cast of highly talented actors that pull you right into every cut and stitch.

All 13 episodes are available on DVD  for £20.42 (RRP)


Programme Name: Shark - TX: n/a - Episode: Shark: The Science Behind (No. 3) - Picture Shows: Great White Shark, South Africa Scientists are working hard to change the infamous reputation of this shark.    - (C) Morné Hardenberg/ Atlantic Edge Films - Photographer: Morné Hardenberg/ Atlantic Edge Films

– (C) Morné Hardenberg/ Atlantic Edge Films – Photographer: Morné Hardenberg/ Atlantic Edge Films

One of the most feared creature on Earth, the shark is often misunderstood.  This DVD sheds new light on a predator that is so good at survival, that it has outlived the dinosaurs and has a reputation as a killer.

Sharks come in many shapes and forms though, Shark looks at some of the lesser known individuals of the species such as the Greenland Shark.  The Greenland Shark lives in the Arctic, but what is surprising about that besides the freezing temperatures?  they actually live under the ice! 

Another of the sharks we see is the Epaulette Shark, native to Australia and New Guinea, this shark can move over land!  Yes, the stuff of nightmares! 

Exploring the secret lives of over thirty species of shark, this series is a must watch for anyone with an interest in these fascinating and mysterious creatures.

Available for £20.42/£25.52 (DVD/Blu-Ray RRP)

Safe House

5204This tense thriller will have you on the edge of your seats as Robert (Christopher Eccleston – Fortitude), scrambles to recover the memories from the night he was shot and the woman under his protection was murdered.  

Having been off of the force for a while and now happily living with his wife, Katy (Marsha Thompson – Lost, Las Vegas) running a quiet B&B in the Lake District.  A surprise birthday party for Robert brings an old friend and college back into their lives and Mark (Paterson Joseph – Babylon) has an offer Robert can’t refuse.

Mark asks Robert and Katy to have their Guest House used as a Safe House for people whose lives are in danger.  Not too long after they agree, they receive a phone call that there is a family in need of their help.  David (Jason Merrells – Clocking Off) and Ali Blackwell (Nicola Stephenson – Holby City) need sanctuary after someone tried to abduct their youngest son.  

The kidnapper is on a rampage to uncover the location of the family and will stop at nothing until he finds them.  Chilling and immersive, a web of deceit and confusion begins to unravel as he draws closer, each move seemingly uncovering the dark, menacing secret that is buried in Robert’s memory.

Available on DVD for £19.99 (RRP)

Testament of Youth


Alicia Vikander (Ex-Mchina) plays Vera Brittain, a young woman who overcomes the prejudices of her family to obtain a scholarship at Oxford.  Her free-minded spirit, intelligence and passion is compelling as she sets off to explorer life attending university.  

She quickly falls in love with Roland Leighton played by the fantastic Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), her brother best friend.  Life seems magical as the pair are engaged and plan a life together, then World War One changes everything, Roland and her brother leave to fight at the front.  

Vera finds it hard to reconcile herself just sitting around and so she volunteers as a nurse, doing everything she can to make a difference.  But war is hell and slowly the news comes that her broth and fiancé have perished.  Her world is shattered.  

Determined to not let war win and to steel herself to make a life out of what she has, Vera returns to Oxford.  Personal, gritty, epic and honest, Testament of Youth is exactly that, a testament to the true accounting of war, the consequence, hardships, the desperation.

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray from £10.00 (RRP)


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