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The Balearic islands are often regarded amongst some of Europe’s hottest party destinations, while many of the other lesser-known aspects of the islands’ charm are overlooked.  However, if you’re searching for a more relaxed, health conscious getaway this year, choosing to stay on one of these enchanting islands, just a stones throw away from your very own doorstep, may be the perfect choice.

Hidden Treasures

 The origins of the name ‘Balearics’ has been much debated, but according to Lycophron’s, the tragic Greek poet, the name derives from the Greek word for ‘naked’. It’s said the islands’ inhabitants were often nude, thanks to the benevolent all-year-round climate. Even though this tradition is not still customary today, there are many naturist friendly retreats, resorts and beaches, particularly it seems in Majorca.

 However, if this ultimate back-to-basics approach isn’t quite your bag, there are many other extraordinary things to be discovered on these islands.  With a long, culturally rich history dating back to 5000 BC,  the islands are awash with fascinating building and stunning architecture, and you just can’t help yet be intrigued by their complex and extraordinary histories.  It’s easy to lose yourself in the quaint, rustic side-streets or to be dazzled by the grand Catholic Cathedrals, that you may soon fall in love with the islands in a way you never expected to before.

Holistic Retreats

 For those looking for a real hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the traditional beach holiday there are plenty of options.  The islands boast an array of healthy lifestyle retreats and classes. You can get closer to nature whilst practicing yoga on a golden beach next to crystal clear waters, or in the countryside surrounded by captivating views and breathtaking scenery. You can even practice in a Monastery; allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the peace and quiet that is at the very heart of this ancient Indian practice.  With so many options and intensity levels to choose from, from the occasional class to a full dedicated wellness experience, you will be in Yogi nirvana.

 And for even more holistic goodness, try a spot of tai-chi as the sunsets, some vibrant, lively drumming around an open fire, or perhaps some meditation in the mountains. And with copious spas and wellness centres for you to relax and pamper yourself in, it’s pretty hard to resist these holistic havens.

 Healthy Options

 But if Yoga and meditative activities aren’t really your style, then fear not, the islands are awash with numerous other healthy outdoor activities just waiting for you to take full advantage of. From scuba diving and snorkelling to biking and hiking, there are many ways to get closer to the islands’ unique environment and avoid the traditional holidays traps.

 It’s not just the activities and the environment that make these islands hubs of holistic perfection. The traditional Balearic cuisine is fresh and seasonal. Locals’ diet is dominated by the regional markets and there is an abundance of vibrant, succulent and exciting food options everywhere you turn. Whether you dine out or are so inspired by the fresh, local produce that you cook for yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll find an abundance of tasty meals and treats to compliment the rest of your health conscious getaway.

 And for those days where you just long to relax and take in the local sights, you won’t be short of stunning wildlife to watch. The Islands boast a variety of exotic animals, including dolphins, genets and cave goats. And for bird lovers, in particular the east-side of Majorca is prime location to spot soaring beauties such as the black vulture, the Balearic warbler and the audouin’s gull.

Home from Home

To complete your very special holistic hideaway, where better to reside than your own personal villa, with the option of a private pool, amongst many other alfresco lifestyle benefits. No more sharing hallways with noisy neighbours, or scrabbling for your place poolside. Nestle yourself in the lush countryside, be closer to the bustling cities, or even just a short walk from your favourite idyllic beach. Whichever location is your preference, you’ll be sure to get away from the norm by adding that something extra to your whole trip. Villa’s are versatile and ideal if you’re holidaying as a couple, with family and friends, or even if you crave more solitude on a much-needed trip for one. With options available on all of the islands, you’ll easily be able to capture that perfect balance of outdoor lifestyle with a touch of luxurious Balearic home comfort.

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