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Today sees the long awaited release of Homefront: The Revolution from Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver.  This time we see the people of Philadelphia fighting to escape the clutches of the KPA, the enemy forces who invaded in the first installment of Homefront.


The Game

hf1Homefront: The Revolution is a story of the United States second War of Independence and you are an integral part of taking this war to the KPA and showing them that the people of Philadelphia will not go quietly into the night.  Set in a vast open world, this first person shooter will be a unique experience for each and every player as the game is affected by all of your actions, it actually responds to your achievements and failures, inspiring the people of this brave city to take up arms and fight back.  The campaign itself is said to take around 30 hours.

This isn’t your straight forward FPS, there is no linear progression, you must learn the art of Guerilla warfare and help the resistance gain a foothold against the oppressive enemy forces.  This is an enemy that’s probably superior in every way, from weaponry and armour, to technology and even air support.  You therefore can not take the fight directly to the KPA, you have to be cleverer than that, using the age old tactics of guerrilla forces, such as ambushes, deception, infiltration and sabotage. Whether you are dropping explosive barrels on a convoy or picking of lone soldiers, you need to use cunning and have your wits about you the entire time.

 As part of the resistance you will find yourself helping to take back the city and establish safe houses and bases in the process.  Of course you aren’t going to just have access to a cash of weapons that you can raid and use against the occupying forces, no you will need to capture weaponry from the enemy, build your own weapons and customise everything. You build the resistance, you inspire those around you to fight back, you and the rest of the resistance will turn oppression into a revolution of epic proportions.  


You can take on the game alone or even team up with some of your friends and become the heroes of the revolution and you pick apart the KPA bit by bit.


Expansion Pass

hf2So far the developers have announced that there will be three single player campaign expansions, all of which will be included in the Expansion Pass.  The expansions are:

  • The Voice of Freedom
    • New distrticts and extra campaign content
  • Aftermath
    • New districts and extra campaign content
  • Beyond the Walls
    • This content will be released in 2017 and is set to be a much larger and more exiting addition to the game.

The pass will also entitle you to some rather exclusive unlocks not available to players without the pass, bonuses that you can use in Resistance Mode.

  • Supply Line
    • Get a free resistance crate every week, all you need to do is log in to your account in Resistance Mode.
  • The Right Kind of School
    • This is a customisation perk that gives you three new starting backgrounds to choose from for your character –
      • ATF Agent
      • G-Man
      • U.S. Marshall

Resistance Mode

hf3Resistance Mode launches with a fantastic six missions and new ones are already planned to be released in June.  The great thing about Resistance Mode missions is that every single one of them will be FREE content, no catches, strings or trickery, just new content that comes as standard for your new game!

Our Verdict

hf4Homefront: The Revolution promises a lot and it has a lot to live up to given its predecessor.  It is a great game, we love to open world aspect of the gameplay, it adds a great dimension to an FPS and to a certain extent makes it much more exciting that a linear FPS offering.  You have the ability to follow whichever thread you wish, you make the game what you want it to be, you play it your way and that gives the player much more control over their experience.

Gathering resistance forces and taking the fight to the enemy is a great aspect, you can ‘recruit’ members to join you on missions, giving you more chance of success, establishing bases and safe houses as you go.

The map is rather large, but dotted around you will find motorbike stashes, crack open one of those babies, grab yourself a scrambler and then try to make it around the city without bumping into the enemy or their little tech spies.

If it wasn’t for the seemingly inexplicable lag that is experienced in single player mode, we would have given Homefront: The Revolution five out of five, but alas there is a regular and rather annoying recurrence of it, fingers crossed for a patch soon! 

4 out of 5


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