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Honours are a London based group, Stephen Hughes, Ed Carlisle and Andrew McConkey make up the trio, and the group are set to release their new single ‘Bulletproof’ on October the 27th. With early comparisons to Muse, The Killers and U2 the band have the potential to make real noise next year as an indie-pop euphoric inducing sensation. This is a band that has the ability to appeal to all fans, listening to the single you get the feeling of being at a festival or an arena its a band that you feel a buzz from, the combination of music is amazing and the comparisons don’t give them justice, it’s something that needs to be heard.

Inspired by the 80’s, the band have high hopes and expectations, ones I’m sure they can fill, their new single ‘bulletproof’ shows off their talents in many ways, its funky intro and its heavy drums help build up what is actually a very good song, vocals that scream out Matt Bellamy (Muse). A great name to be likened with it provides the type of track that can fill stadiums and a chorus that can get even the most difficult crowd singing and smiling. Lyrically it makes a statement, the difficulty in love and keeping strong or in this case ‘trying to be bulletproof’ and this helps appeal to the masses. It’s a catchy song and it’s a song that’s refreshing, it doesn’t try to be something it isn’t and it isn’t the manufactured sounds that we hear every day when we listen to our radio. Although the music isn’t my personal taste after taking a listen this is a band I think will be able to surprise a few people. Aside from the music the artwork for the single is really good, its simple and quirky and it grabs the eyes attention!

This is a band that are going to be big, I’m sure so be sure to get the single when it comes out, they also have a performance at Westfield’s Music Cube and will be set to share the stage with well established and let’s be honest with amazing acts including London Grammar, Emeli Sande and Sam Smith, they are a band set to take music by storm and following this performance they will be headlining at the Islington on October the 29th a performance I’m sure shouldn’t be missed! A band us Brits can be proud of!

Keep your eyes peeled for an article form Erika, our Editor in Chief, who interviewed Honours to find out more about them!

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