Hot on the heels of Scandinavian Drama consuming us, is that of Israeli Thrillers.  Arrow Films brings us the DVD release and digital download of the complete box set of Hostages, Season One on 16th March 2015.

Currently airing on BBC Four at 9pm Saturday evenings, Hostages is a gripping thriller that is filmed on location in modern-day Jerusalem.  

Dr Yael Danon, played by Ayelet Zurer is a brilliant and talented surgeon who has been chosen to perform surgery on the Israeli Prime Minister.  She finds out, to her horror, that the night before she is due to carry out the operation her family has been kidnapped and held to ransom.  The ransom is not money though, the kidnappers demand that when the Israeli premier goes under the knife, Dr Danon find a way to make sure he doesn’t wake up.  In short, they order her to kill the Prime Minister or her family will be executed.

HOSTAGES_2D_DVDFaced with an unenviable and horrific choice, Yael must find the strange to get through the toughest day of her life, to date.  Not everything is as it seems though and gradually the kidnappers and their hostages form unexpected bonds and the threads of a complicated, orchestrated series of events starts to unravel.

Edge of your seat drama is what you come to expect of Israeli Drama, must like Prisoners of War, the precursor to the hit show Homeland, Hostages was remade into the US hit show of the same name, starring Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette.  

Hostages is no different, the viewer is taken on an emotional journey that promise resolutions, but only leads to more questions and surprising turns of events, what once seemed to be a straight forward kidnap and ransom, turns out to be much more complex and sinister.  We uncover the layers of each character, their stories and what drives them and this only draws us further into the web of events that are seemingly just the tip of the iceberg.

Hostages is released on DVD and Digital Download via Arrow Films March 16th the series is currently airing on BBC4 Saturday nights at 9pm.


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