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1024px-Bathroom_with_bathtubeDo you have stubborn black mould or mildew in the grout in your home or even on your garden furniture? Does it disrupt the calm of your, well earned, relaxing bath?… We know that feeling here at Erisea, so we’ve found you a solution… because we love you!

You can now banish that black mould and mildew from your home with new, professional strength, Blast Away Mould from Kilrock.

There’s nothing more unsightly than hard-to-shift black mould in your bathroom, shower and sink it breaks the calm you should get when you’re in your bathroom. Now, however, there’s a solution – new Blast Away Mould effectively removes mould, mildew and algae stains from tiles, silicone sealants and grout lines, meaning bath’s can be as tranquil as they once were.

Available as a Spray, for larger wall and tiled areas, or as a concentrated Brush-on Gel, Blast Away Mould accurately targets areas of mould build-up and is ideal for use on edges and corners of showers, baths and sinks. Both products are also suitable for outside use to clean plastic furniture, pots, ornaments, walls and balconies.

Blast Away Mould, gel & spraySo how does it work?…

Simply apply Blast Away Mould to affected areas and leave to work for up to 30 minutes, then rinse the treated area and wipe with a cloth. Blast Away Mould works a treat on even the most stubborn stains around the bath or shower. Unpleasant black mould on sealant is particularly hard to shift but Blast Away Mould will see it off!

Where to buy…

Blast Away Mould is available as a Trigger Spray (500ml) or Brush-on Gel (250ml).

RSP: £3.99 from Robert Dyas, B&Q, Homebase, independent hardware stores and on line at

*Contains a bleaching action. Not suitable for enamel, marble, wood or granite.

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