In a day and age where employment is harder and harder to come by, many people turn to the opportunities that are available online to make money and there are a vast number of way that someone can earn enough money to survive.  

Josh had been struggling with making ends meet, in fact his entire life seemed to be a mess.  He recently found himself single and with no work coming in, he is desperately trying to find a solution so that he can pay his rent.  He has been doing his utmost to create a fulfilling and prosperous career by being an app reviewer, so far things have been going okay and then his next assignment comes in.

6604Josh is asked to review an app called i-Lived.  The basic premise of the app being a life coach that will help you attain your deepest desires and wishes.  all you need to to is simply tell the app what your goals are and then the app will guide you, step by step, in a series of tasks, each one bringing you closer and closer to your ultimate goal.  Following the apps guidance, Josh finds that his life is slowly turning around for the better.  Not satisfied enough though, Josh starts to want bigger and better things, each demanding that he carry out increasingly more sinister quests to obtain his desires, his eagerness for more in life could easily be the end of it all together.

Be careful what you wish for, the consequences can be horrific, as Josh is about to find out! 

Available on DVD (£10.99 RRP)  from 11th July 2016 courtesy of Second Sight, i-Lived is a fantastically refreshing and original, fitting perfectly into the horror genre. i-Lived comes from the director of Maniac and the soon to be released Amytiville: The Awakening, Frank Khalfoun.  


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