There comes a time in every persons life when they want to use their favourite piece of tech in bed.  This can be for a number of reasons – it’s time for bed but you aren’t tired, you’re poorly, you’re being lazy or you just feel like it, hey you don’t have to explain to us. Using our tablets in bed can lead to a number of issues, not least of all the ‘Face Drop.’  Please don’t pretend you haven’t done it, we all have, that moment when you are laid down and you lose your grip on the tablet, or just forget you are holding above your precious visage and kaplop, contact, pain, possibly tears and if there are witnesses a touch of hysterical laughter – from them.  

BTaKEXjkc (2)Even the memory of it is painful!  So, how can we avoid such horrific disasters?  One solution is to use the iBed, a simple yet practical piece of kit for any tablet user out there.  The sleek black design means that the iBed from The Present Finder will seamlessly fit into your life with no fuss at all.

There are two great ways to utilize the iBed when using your tablet, either as a lap desk whilst studying or flipped around so you get the best view whilst watching TV shows or films.


Our favourite way to use the iBed is as a lap desk.  It makes it so easy and comfortable to sit on the sofa or even in bed and keep on doing whatever the world requires of you, ensuring that you don’t have a mishap and bash your bonce with your tablet.  The surface on top grips items to a certain extent, making it almost non-slip, there is plenty of room for a cup of tea, your notebook or whatever you need and of course, it sports a slot that was made just for your tablet.


The underneath of the iBed is a soft, yet firm cushion that moulds to the shape of your thighs, giving you the utmost comfort.  

It is designed in such a way that you can flip the iBed around from its position as a portable desk and use it to just stream the latest shows, read a book or browse the web.

However you use your iBed you can rest assured that it will serve you well when it comes to protecting your face and giving you an embarrassment free way of using your tablet in bed.  Available from The Present Finder for £14.99


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