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Puzzling Visual Novel… Interested? Read on….



Icebound is based on the world on Permia. Two races are on Permia, Human and Feran – Have forged a way to live in life using alchemy. Alchemy is the ability to manipulate the forces of nature.

The story talks about the two sides of a conflict, the North and the South. Both have issues and both have strengths.



“A wandering alchemist named Dougal winds up in the isolated town of Isenbarr with his Familiar, Isaac, hoping to find a job and earn some spending money. What he doesn’t expect to encounter is a web of intrigue involving a clockwork beast, a seductive secret agent, a priestess with mysterious powers, a mad genius, and a group of eccentric alchemists competing to vanquish a deadly monster. Nothing is certain…except that chaos will ensue.”



The game is basically a Visual Novel but does feature some gameplay in form of Alchemy puzzles. These involve placing colored squares in the right order to fill up a board, sounds simple but it evolves over time to become quite challenging.


The game focuses on character development and world building to a point. It takes a small simple task of discovering a monster who has terrorizing town and takes it to a more intricate level. 




Its a solid good enjoyable experience – however its not fantastic. It features a refreshingly different story with good plot and mystery with gameplay as a secondary focus.

Good 3/5 – good but with little gameplay, it might be because we havent really played many visual novels. Its worth visiting if you like story more than anything.

3 out of 5

For More Info:

Game Home Page – Demo available – Click Here

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