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It doesn’t matter how old, or indeed young, you are, iExplore Extinct Animals is going to get you excited.  Part of a new range of titles from Carlton Kids publishers, Extinct Animals is more than just a book, it bring these incredible, and somewhat terrifying animals, back to life right before your eyes.

iExplore Extinct Animals is a fabulous book that employs today’s technology to the absolute maximum and is no longer simply a book with fantastic illustrations and jam packed full of educational, interesting facts about some of the awesome creatures that no longer walk the Earth.

9781783122547.IN01How does it work?

The iExplore range of titles have accompanying apps that you can download for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.  The app works in conjunction with the book, as you read through you will find an Activation Page Icon, this indicates that you can whip out your phone or tablet, centre the pages with the in app camera and then wait to be amazed.

All of a sudden you will be met with whichever extinct animal you are currently reading about.  Our favourite has to be Pteranodon, a flying dinosaur who became extinct around 65 million years ago.  The double page spread on this fantastic creature is packed with information and facts about the life they led, but when you use the app, you get to meet one! 

What do you get?

Hovering above the pages you will find your extinct animal.  Using the app you can have a really good look at them, spinning them 360 degrees, check them out from above and below.  That is not all though, you can move them around using the in app joystick.  This is an incredible experience, all of a sudden we had Pteranodon flying around the room, exploring the new world around them! You can control the direction of flight , as well as what height they are hovering at.

Besides playing with your new friend, you can switch the AR off in the app and access a range of information and them using the interactive interface.  This includes basic statistics, significant points of interest about your creature, have a real close up look and find out where they lived.

What extinct animals are there?

9781783122547.MAINWe think it is important for you to know just what animals you can meet with this new reading experience.

From under the sea there is Predator X and Megalodon.  They are joined by Pteranodon, Paraceratherium, Gigantopithecus and Smilodon. Any Game of Thrones fans out there? You can meet a Dire Wolf or perhaps you just want to see what a Megatherium looked like, or the Wooly Mammoth, Irish Elk and Tasmanian Tiger!

We became very excited about this title, not only is it educational and full of interesting facts and figures, but the augmented reality adds a uniqueness to the experience.  You get one of these creatures in your room, the camera still sees the environment about you, you just have a new visitor there that you can see courtesy of the app! 

Clever, educational, interesting and thrilling, iExplore is great for any age and they have a range of titles, not just Extinct Animals, although we absolutely love this one.

Extinct Animals from Carlton Books’ iExplore series retails for £9.99 and is available online from, a complete bargain that lets you reach back in time! 

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