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The Little Book of Thinking Big

Richard Newton

This book is quite simple about changing the way you think.  It is less a how to guide and more of an opening of the mind to new possibilities.

‘Think small and that is the life you will have.  Think bigger and you will never limit yourself.’

From the very first page this is a book that will cheer you up and indeed cheer you on.  It’s quirky illustrations and story telling prose makes it easy to get engrossed and that is what you need to do, because Richard Newton aims to unlock your mind and in turn your potential.  He looks at the brain as a tool and using that tool is a skill.  The brain is constantly consuming energy thinking about a number of things that you needn’t be thinking about.  Richard looks at how to train yourself to choose what to think and when, thereby conserving your energy and unlocking the true potential that already lies within you!

A fabulous book that is captivating and engaging.

Power House

Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton takes a look at how you, the reader, can become a Power House of effectiveness, working better with others, making decisions that allow you to choose the right way to spend your time and handle things generally in a better manner.

This how to book will take you through the ways in which you can communicate, plan, lead and ultimately grow.  This no nonsense guide will equip you with everything you need to take on the world and become a power house!

Cooking With Chia for Dummies

Barry Rogers and Debbie Dooly

‘To be completely honest, Chia was a mystery to this editor until the book arrived.
Once I started to read it I became intrigued to find out more,
what was this super food and how could it help me?’

Cooking with Chia for Dummies was obviously a good shout!  Detailing everything from where the plant is grown and the seemingly endless benefits that this seed has, this book has everything you need to get cooking with this amazing seed, except for the seeds themselves!

Chia is packed with nutrients and has been used to help fight disease and depression. Cooking With Chia for Dummies contains not just information about Chia, but also a who host of recipes and ways to include chia in your life.

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