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The first of a brand new series by Karen Rose, Closer Than You Think will have you on the edge of your seat, eager and afraid to turn the next page.  Gripping, thrilling and ever so tense, this is writing at it’s best.  

Faith Corcoran decides after the death of her Grandmother to leave behind her life and make a new one in the house she has left to her.  Faith is making a new start, leaving her job as a therapist to help the victims of terrible sex crimes, which although she loved it left her life in jeopardy when she was faced with the perpetrators of those horrific acts.  

So, as she sets out to make a new life for herself in a new place, new house and with a new job, she has absolutely no idea what horror awaits her.  Faith is about to uncover the terrifying playground of a serial killer, one that houses torture and murder as if it were a living, breathing person.  She is about to come face to face with a murderous fiend right in the one place she should be able to feel safe, secure and happy – his playground is in the basement of her grandmother’s house.

To survive she places her trust in Deacon Novak, a recent transfer to the Cincinnati Major Crime Enforcement Squad, but this is his home and he has returned to try and do what he can to save his little brother before he becomes the subject of an FBI investigation himself.  

This killer is closer than she thinks though….


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