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We talk to Karen Frances about writing and her début novel He’s Captured My Heart.

Karen Conway-AUTHOR1When did you decide you were going to be an author?

I don’t think I made a decision to be an author I just started writing. I still don’t really think of myself as an author, even when my friends says it, It does sound really strange to me.

Have you always written? If so what type of things, stories, poems etc?

I used to write a lot in my teens, my Mum tells me I used write horror stories in notebooks and my Dad would always read them. Then all the usual writing stories for English class. But that was it up until last year.

Do you have a favourite author and why that person?

This is a really tough question, but I am going to have to say Jodi Ellen Malpas she dared to be different with This Man series. Each book in the series was perfect from her strong characters to her writing style. And unlike some authors in this genre she has proved she has what it takes to continue writing great books with the one night series, which is outstanding. In what? 3 short years she has written 6 exceptional books. That lady has talent.

What process do you go through when preparing for a book?

With this being my first book I didn’t have any processes although I did have a very definite description of my characters, which I had noted in a notebook. The story just seemed to flow really well as I was writing, or so I think.

Do have a set routine when writing?

When I was writing He’s Captured my Heart I had no set routine at all because I was working most days and had the kids so would try to do some writing for a wee hours, so most nights when I had my kids settled. Sometimes it would work out well and sometimes not. Some nights would turn out longer if I was in the middle of something or nearing the end of a scene, I couldn’t go to bed until a scene was complete.

Do you have any advice for budding authors?

Just go for, because if you don’t try you will never know if it was meant to be. But I would give the same advice to anyone who has any kind of dreams, you have to take the chance. I would also advise to get in touch with authors send them an email ask for advice and tips. I did and was surprised at some of the authors who replied. Social media is also a great place for advice and tips.

HesCapturedMyHeart_COVERWhat helps you focus?

Not sure there is anything that helps me focus on my writing, but writing helps me focus on my life. I suppose I kept going with the writing with every chapter I completed. To me finishing He’s Captured my Heart is such a personal achievement. I never thought I would have a completed book when I first started writing it.

What inspires your work?

A day out with my husband to Loch Lomond inspired the setting for the characters I had already in my mind. Loch Lomond is truly a beautiful setting and such a romantic place.

What is it that drew you to erotica specifically?

It’s the type of book I enjoy reading and why not. (I had also been at a friend’s for dinner with my husband and we were talking books, some great, some good and some bad ones and I happened to say I thought I could maybe write something better. So I gave it a go.) Women are a lot more open with sex now I think. Books in this genre are openly talked about whereas before women were maybe slightly embarrassed to talk about this subject. Maybe that’s down to E. L James , Sylvia Day and Jodi Ellen Malpas for providing books with such a hot topic to be discussed.

How much of yourself do you put into your writing?

I think I have put 100% effort into my writing, because I have loved every minute of writing He’s Captured my Heart. If asking is there any of myself in any of my characters I am not sure, although my friends and family might have a very different opinion.

What have you got planned for the future?

I am currently halfway through the follow up to He’s Captured My Heart. It starts a few weeks later on from where it finished. At the moment it doesn’t have a title, because there are a few ideas I have for that, but I am waiting to see how this story goes before I decide on one. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have the title. My two girls are also keen for me to write a story with them, they have a few ideas between them and I think it would be another fun way to spend some quality time with my daughters.

Thank you to Karen for taking the time to talk to us, He’s Captured My Heart is out today!

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