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isbn9781444738841-detailFrom Mulholland Books comes The Winter Foundlings by Kate Rhodes.

Louis Kinsella is Britain’s most notorious and dangerous child serial killer, he is currently locked up behind bars and has been for over ten years at Northwood Psychiatric Hospital.  Britain is plunged into terror when more children are being kidnapped and brutally murdered, it is so frightening because they all have some kind of connection to the crimes perpetrated by Kinsella himself.  

Is there a copycat killer?  This is what the rumours say.  Does Kinsella still have influence beyond the confines of the psychiatric hospital?

Ella has been kidnapped, snatched from her loving family by a ruthless killer.  She is trying desperately to stay alive, but her only hope is Kinsella, a murderer, locked up and surrounded by officials.  It is then left to psychologist Alice Quentin to pry the knowledge from this animal and save a child.

Alice is already at Northwood, the isolated institution and had gone there for a calmer pace of life, away from the hustle and bustle of London, but the plight of young Ella draws her in and she is compelled to try to save the little girl.  Despite the disgust she holds for such an evil man, Alice will do what it takes to get the information she needs – she will create a relationship with Kinsella she will befriend the people he spends his time with, the guards, police, doctors, anyone that might be able to point her in the direction she needs.

Rhodes tells a compelling and absorbing story, filled with all the twists and turns any god thriller has.  The Winter Foundlings is exciting and gripping, but be warned, it is chilling and rather scary as you anxiously read each line, waiting and hoping that Alice can find the answers she needs.  

A fantastic story, incredibly determined heroine and all together enjoyable read.

The Winter Foundlings is available now from Mulholland Books for £7.99

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