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London, 1785 is the scene for Theft of Life by the talented Imogen Robertson.  The body of a West Indies Planter is found outside St Paul’s Cathedral, not just dead but murdered. 

Suspicion abounds as his watch is discovered on one of his former slaves, but things are never that easy, this crime would not be that simple to solve.

Britain’s Slave Trade becomes the subject of investigation as Harriet Westerman and her reclusive friend, anatomist Gabriel Crowther, try to uncover what has led to this death.  It leads the a fearful look at a hidden past for William Geddings, senior footman and Harriet herself, who finds it just a little too close to home.  The key to everything lays with a former slave who now works in London as a bookseller and printer.  

This gripping and moving story is a page turner to say the least.  The reader is transported into historical London and thrown into the depths of the destructive and dangerous world of slave trading.  Insightful, forceful and absorbing Theft of Life is a tale of epic proportions laid bare within the streets of 18th Century London.

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  1. Sue McCarthy on

    I love Gerald Durrell’s books, the early ones about when he was an animal collector, they are really funny.

  2. How many times have you heard someone say “The film wasn’t as good as the book” ? A book comes to life in your imagination. A film is a visual interpretation by the director. The two cannot, and as hard as it is, should not be compared. I invariably prefer the books.

  3. Rachel Butterworth on

    Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. I read it about ten years ago and it started my love of fantasy books.

  4. lauren Tourle on

    my favourite book is the song of ice and fire books (game of thrones) im currently on the third and its just amazing. i love fantasy but i also love the realness, like you believe this all happened years ago even though the world is completely made up. it twists and turns and never gets boring 🙂

  5. Claire Butler on

    when the wind blows James Patterson, always love his crime thrillers but this book was so leftfield in comparison to previous books and led the way to many more great ones

  6. My favourite book is called a year without Micheal – I read it when I was in my teens and I have never forgotten how a book can move you

  7. My favourite book is Gone Girl, because it had the power to draw me in and keep me hooked so I could hardly put it down!

  8. I still love Pride and Prejudice after reading it many times and seeing several TV adaptations. First read and studied at school, I still find something new on every encounter and the humour with which Jane Austen wrote is still fresh today.

  9. the stephanie plum series by janet evanovich…. they are so funny and have picked me up through some bad times

  10. gemma nisbet on

    An Innocent Man had me gripped during a lovely holiday to portugal a few years ago! Such a powerful book!

  11. My all time favourite has to be Men at Arms by Terry Practchett – it’s the Discworld novel where they introduce some of my favourite characters to the watch, it’s funny, sad at times and just brill like all his writing

  12. Mari Spencer on

    Black Beauty because its the first book i ever read and even now still makes me cry when i read it, as many parts of the story are upsetting for an animal lover like me.

  13. My favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I loved it from the moment I first read it at school which was surprising as I hated books we had to read and dissect! However I have read and enjoyed this book with it’s bleakness and jealousy over and over again. Such great characters and plot!

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