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Things To Make And Do In The Forth Dimension – by Matt Parker




A interesting book that makes the reader look at mathematical and logic puzzles in different ways.

The sections include:

  • “Cut Pizzas in new and fairer ways”
  • “Fit a 2p coin through an impossibly small hole”
  • “Make a perfect regular pentagon by knotting a piece of paper”
  • “Tie your shoes faster than ever before”
  • “Making a working computer out of dominoes”

All sounds very interesting.

It even contains a suggested route – so the sections are to be taken on a different way.



Its for the mathematically minded. It offers a different option to the mainstream “thinking person” non-fiction book. It challenges the reader’s mind into tackling issues in a different ways. The whole idea of creating a working computer out of dominoes sounds wacky but the way it does it was interesting to read.

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The Adventures of Hermes – God Of Thieves – by Murielle Szac



A kid book with a look at Greek mythology.  We the re-release of the Disney classics – kids may love Hercules but may want to hear other stories of Gods.

“The young god is determined to have adventures from the very moment of his unusual birth, stealing sacred cows, discovering fire and inventing the lyre and flute. “

“He will drink the nectar of Olympus and discover thee truth about the immortals,  from their greatest loves and most terrible battles – but Hermes won’t let any of it distract him from that whole wide world of good fun…”



Recommended Age – 6-10. Its a lengthy book so good for the Harry Potter fans but also gives a good entry point for the fans of “Myths and Legends.”  It comes in handy due to it “episodic” style of writing – introducing different concepts and different elements of the Hermes character.







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