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Ariana Franklin was an accomplished writer in not just fiction, but non fiction and journalism, where she wrote under her name Diana Norman.  Diana was a wife to Barry Norman, film critic and mother to two daughters and after leaving journalism she settled down to write and study medieval history.

Famous for her award winning series of books Mistress of the Art of Death, Winter Siege was her last novel and one that remained unfinished after her death in 2011.  When her daughter Samantha, also a journalist, found the manuscript she decided to finish what her mother had started, writing the final chapters of Winter Siege.

In the 12th Century England was torn apart by bloody battle after bloody battle as Matilda and Stephen fought a bloodthirsty war to take control of the English Crown and in turn England herself.  In a time vastly different from our own, it was all to easy for the innocent to suffer the atrocities of war, without a second thought.

Gwil is a mercenary, once hardened by the rigours of war in the 1100s, he watches on as a young red haired girl is attacked by his very own men, just one of the horrendous acts that have occurred during this war.  He later happens up the shivering, shell of a child in a freezing cold church and immediately decides what he must do, save her, train her and protect her.

When he discovers the little girl she is clutching a piece of parchment which holds a terrible secret, one that the man who likes to call himself a monk will stop at nothing to retrieve it.

The epic tale of a war ravaged country, set amongst the Fens and which moves from castle siege to castle siege, is told with an emotional understanding of the terrors and trials that befall the pair.  It is deeply atmospheric to the point of haunting the reader as they move amongst the landscape of Medieval England.  A story that was begun by a mother and finished beautifully by a daughter, Winter Siege is a book that should not be missed, it will move you, grip you and leave you feeling you have survived the turbulent times of the day.

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  1. the Victorian era especially around the time of the Jack the ripper murders so I could try and solve the crimes and finally unmask him

  2. I enjoy reading about England in the 13th and 14th century. One of my favourite books ever is about John of Gaunt and his mistress (and then wife) Katherine Swynford. Thanks.

  3. Tracy K Nixon on

    I enjoy reading about the Victorian era or stories set in Victorian times. I have always been fascinated in the Victorian era because of the costumes and Christmas traditions!

  4. Hannah pollard on

    The Victorians, it was not that long ago, however their beliefs, morals etc were so different. A lot of poverty, crime and massive change make me fascinated with the period.

  5. Jenny Rogers on

    I love stories based in Medieval times. This time period allows for some dramatic storylines and interesting characters .

  6. Andrea Johnson on

    Norman Conquest up until the death of Henry VIII. Can’t explain why, I’ve always loved the period of history when kings went out to war. I have literally no interest at all once it’s later than Elizabeth I at a push.

  7. Chris Fletcher on

    The English Civil War – It would have a very interesting backdrop where religion and duty to the king would tear the fabric of society apart!

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