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An incredible début novel by Celcilia Ekbäck, Wolf Winter is a beautifully written tale.  Set in the stunning backdrop of Swedish Lapland in 1717, a group of settlers who are looking to create a new life for themselves and decide to start that journey in the shadow of the great Blackåsen Mountain.

WW-UKMaija is one of those settlers and have travelled with her daughter, Frederika who is just fourteen.  As Frederika is exploring she comes across a terribly mutilated corpse, a smear on the striking landscape surrounding her.  It is accepted by the group, quite quickly that the attack would have been carried out by one of the wild wolves in the area.  Maija is not so sure, in fact she is almost certain that the victim was murdered by one of the group.

Time marches on and one of the harshest of winters descends upon Blackåsen Mountain, a ‘Wolf Winter.’  Maija is determined to discover the truth behind the horrific scene her daughter uncovered, but what will it cost her?  As she investigates and uncovers a terrible history, the payment demanded by the Mountain and the truth of the brutal murder that shook their small community.

Filled with suspense and written in an incredible poetic way that draws the reader further into the cold and desperate world that surrounds Maija.  Each page leaves its mark upon the reader, an experience that will not soon be forgotten.  

Fantastic, absorbing and beautiful, Wolf Winter is available for £14.99 in hardback from Hodder & Staughton.

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