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Influent is a video game in which the player learns a language. It manages to take the basics of language the nouns and makes players learn them. The foundation of the language is then extended upon by introducing the adjectives and the verbs.  So an “Apple” would be a “Red Apple” – And a “Book” would be “to Read a Book”.

Making the attachments to the nouns makes it easier to recall the adjectives and verbs by association.


The player is the inventor of a language device – you lost it. Now you start over from scratch building a new and improved device one step at a time.
“He’s made an even better version of his SanjigenJiten and launched an online campaign, swearing to learn 300 words in a foreign language to raise awareness of Technoglobe’s blatant theft and prove his device really works! But does the SanjigenJiten really work? Can Andrew actually pull it off?! Play Influent and find out!!!”


So starting off slow – learning the words on there own – going around the virtual home and picking objects and seeing/hearing their foreign meaning. Pick 10 then quiz yourself from the 10.

More objects picked – more challenging it gets. Later the progress goes to the adjectives and verbs to show basic verbal range.


Currently the program covers all the main languages but with the more people buying it – the bigger the plans are to make it. (10 choices at the moment)


Influent Verb Lists


We have had the program for 3 months now to truly test it out. It is a brilliant program to where we can explore the basics of our choosen language. We were able to test out multiple languages to see if there is any variation on it – no there is not.

The written language of the ones not using “A-Z” alphabet can be altered to be  viewed phonetically or in its natural state.  So the player can choose to learn the basics of the written language as well.

“Although Influent doesn’t offer grammar instruction currently, the developer, Rob Howland, has his sights set on making future installments in the form of episodic releases, should the game’s sales provide enough funding to hire the necessary help (artists, programmers, translators, etc).”

The basic program includes:

The chosen language of the player – so pick from the 10 available choices.

So at the moment – Do you want to learn:

  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Bulgarian
  • German
  • Latin
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • European Portuguese


Currently available on Steam, HumbleBundle and Playism.

For More Info – please visit their site –


The Challenge

While Erika has been learning language with Rosetta Stone – Carl is going to  be learning language via Influent. He also be trying other programs as tests to see how well Influent stacks up as a language learning program.

More details to be revealed shortly…. The Years Challenges are building.

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  1. In regards to ‘the challenge”
    Influent is not a language learning game. It is a vocabulary game. It is a glorified flashcard game. This will not help you learn a language but help you memorize vocabulary for a language that you are already using other means to study. Comparing it to rosetta stone is like comparing a french professor to a french-english dictionary

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