Injectable Cosmetic Fillers Band From Olympia Beauty


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The organisers of Olympia Beauty, one of the UK’s leading trade beauty exhibitions are proud to announce they are supporting the Safety in Beauty campaign and backing the move to ban injectable cosmetic fillers. At the 2014 show, no companies will be offering on-stand injectable cosmetic fillers and this will be the case for all future Olympia Beauty exhibitions.

Olympia Beauty is delighted to be working with The Cosmedic Coach Antonia Mariconda, who heads up the Safety in Beauty campaign. Antonia is working to put a stop to this practice, as she believes that injectable cosmetic fillers should not be used on visitors in a trade exhibition setting; this is in light of the Keogh Review and a growing concern for consumer safety. Olympia Beauty is proud to announce that Antonia Mariconda will also be heading up the Advanced Beauty Conference at the 2014 show.

Antonia Mariconda shares her thoughts on the Safety in Beauty campaign initiative:

 “It is highly inappropriate and unethical to offer cut price injectable cosmetic interventions to visitors to one of the UK largest trade beauty events. It also poses health and safety risks as carrying out cosmetic treatments via needles in a setting which is not sterile or clinical poses huge risks. For these reasons, Safety In Beauty believes that such interventions should be confined to clinical environments where visitors have a professional consolation with a reputable qualified professional and have sufficient time, with no sales pressure to make a decision. This is in light of the Keogh review and the growing concern for consumer safety.”

Olympia Beauty show director, Ian Archbold, explains his decision to back the campaign: “We have seen a growing rise in discussions between organisers, visitors and exhibitors alike and the contentious issue that lies within the trade beauty sphere. As the first trade beauty show in the UK to announce the banning of this practice we are leading the way supporting the Safety in Beauty campaign.

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