Insomnia 62 Impressions


Dam that was an experience. First time in an expo environment and it knocked it out of the park.

Will add pics tonight (you can see them on twitter @eriseamag – writing this up via mobile.)


I ended up with a ton of swag – all bought by me for me. I did not get a press pass and sent in as just a regular customer. Some shops were more welcoming than others – assume its due to it being the last day.

I know next time to get a Early Bird ticket to get in 30 mins early.


Not my cup of tea but I explored it all. Lots of diverse individuals who love to dress up. The space seemed small but packed allot of stuff in there.

Loved the creativity of them – just unlikely you will see me dress up.

Gaming Zones

Lots of different games from the triple A, to the VR, to the indie. The event trys to pack in alot in a small area.

Nintendo, Vive and Playstation VR all had big areas with queues for days. Loved the hosts all battling for attention, then the helpers at each computer/console pushing the positivity.

Indie Area was quite big, except the littler games had an small corridor of space. It felt too packed.

Meet and Greets

I didnt go to one but saw several happen around and talked to some of them. They enjoyed being the fanboy and getting a small amount of their time.

You can tell who the highlights of the meet and greets were. Miniladd, Terroriser and Syndicate Project – all had their own area where they hung out. Sometimes they were busy, some times it was none existant queues.


Would I go again? Yes. The marketplace especially has lots of smaller creators who will have that bespoke piece that will make your room or waredrobe better.

Gaming Zones, not great if you travel around by yourself but when you are in a group – especially a duo – lots of opportunities are there.

Until next time – Insomnia.

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