Instant Happy Journal – Karen Salmansohn


365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy  

There is something to be said for positive thinking and embracing the feeling of happiness.  Dubbed as a Happiness Guru, Karen Salmansohn has created a beautiful, colourful and inspiring journal that anyone can use to inject a little happiness into their lives everyday! 

The idea is for the person who uses the journal is challenged to every day find the gratitude in life.  

Every page of Instant Happy Journal features a prompt, it might be a quote, an idea, some surprising fact, a question or short activity, whatever the page holds, there are 365 inspiring pages to help you take stock and really appreciate the life you have.

Karen looks at turning the thoughts of failure into wisdom, the negative into positive and to appreciate the little things in life.  She teachers the top two habits of happy people – Naturally set your intentions to enjoy a happy day and to spend some time each day reflecting on just what made you happy that day.

This is a fun, inspirational, bright, vibrant journal is a new kind of self help books that you will look forward to filling in every day.  

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