The second installment in Veronica Roth’s dystopian trilogy, Insurgent follows on from the first book, Divergent.  Tris and Four are now firmly on the run fro the Erudites, a faction that seems to have an insatiable hunger for power and headed up by Jeanine.  The Dauntless couple, keep running whilst searching for allies along the way.  They have no way to know just who they can trust, but the ruins of what was once Chicago holds answers that they need, answers that they can find if they are able to stay one step ahead of the Erudites hunting them down.

After the ultimate sacrifice made by Tris’ family, giving their lives to the cause, Tris has to find out what they were protecting and why the Erudites are so hell bent of stopping them from doing just that.  Life, especially in a dystopian land, is just one challenge after another for the pair, but as they conquer seemingly impossible hurdles placed before them, the secrets that have been kept from the masses, slowly start to unravel revealing the truth about the past and what lies ahead for them in the future.

Whilst the Divergent series is akin to The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and other titles that have captured the world’s attention of later, it would be more accurate to say that these books are more of a combination of everything good in the stories set in dystopian future.  Roth’s expertly written tale leaves you turning page after page, connecting with the characters on a fundamental level, making you feel part of their world.


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