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Jewellery is fascinating and there are as many options for jewellery as there are grains of sand.  It can do so much for an outfit and for self confidence, but with all of the variations out there it is so hard to know where to look for something that would be as unique and as individual as you are a person.  The same can be said for present shopping, finding that one special piece of jewellery to give to the person you love is a tough job and one that takes a lot of thought and effort on the shoppers part.  There is much to consider when looking for someone else, their personality, likes and dislikes.  Are they an introvert or an extrovert? Do they like gold, silver or something different?  Are they a statement maker?  All of these questions and many more will go into the decision making process when trying to find a jewelled gift.

Midnight BlackThis job just got a lot easier with Lucet Mundi of London, they have come up with a truly inspiring collection necklaces and pendants to make finding a treat for you or for a loved one, so much simpler.

When you first see anything from Lucet Mundi, you are immediately struck with the sheer elegance and beauty of each and every piece.  The quality craftsmanship and stunning finishes ooze sophistication, excitement and promise enjoyment.  Their new collection My Mundi is a fabulous one that will open up the possibilities when it comes to wearing jewellery.

My Mundi pieces are comprised of three elements, the chain, the locket and the coin.

It is because of My Mundi containing three elements, that there are an endless amount of combinations that can be created, each providing a unique, different and fun style.

How does it work?

  • Select the size and colour of My Mundi locket – you can have Rhodium Plated Silver, Gold Plated or Rose Gold Plated.
  • Next the choice of chain is made – various lengths and styles are available.
  • The central part of the design is the Coin, this decision comes next.  There are an incredible amount of coins available and there is no need to stick to just one, the whole idea is to chop and change as the mood takes.
  • Now the hard part – how to wear it.  With the Lucet Mundi side or the CZ side.

Whether the choice is crystal encrusted coins, or delicate cut out flowers, gold, silver or rose gold, big or small, there is bond to be a design that suits your own personal flare or that of someone close to you.

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