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We recently got the chance to talk to a all round fashion business creator – Flavilla Fongang. We talk about her journey in creating an academy to help others and a bit about her life.
Hi, Flavilla. Please introduce yourself to our audience.
I’m Flavilla Fongang, the founder of 3 Colours Rule. I’m known as a fashion stylist, fashion teacher, brand consultant, business mentor, leadership coaching, fashion writer, business writer, or motivational speaker. Lol I’m a bit of serial entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Paris. I came to London 13 years ago and I never left. I created 3 Colours Rule because I wanted to help people see the best version of themselves and unleash their full potential. I’m lucky enough to be able to still do it through my different role.
The 3 Colours rule? What made you call it that?
I started styling in Paris before 3 Colours Rule was even born. I realised most people aren’t confident wearing colours so I taught them how to wear combinations of colours. The magic colour combination was 3. 3 Colours Rule is the art of wearing stylishly a beautiful combination of 3 colours.
So the 3 colours rule is an Academy. So why did you set it up?
3 Colours Rule Fashion Academy is more than fashion training. We aim to create a network of fashion stylists who have our support,  support one another, grow stronger through career support and fantastic opportunities we offer to all of them. So they gain great skills but our lifetime support. Because we wanted to reach many aspiring fashion stylists, an online training was the best framework.

A journey has many steps, what has been your best Experience leading to this?

My best experience in life was coming to London. I didn’t speak a word of English but I had to study like all the other students. London has a different vibe compare to Paris. It creates entrepreneurs and it helped me see new possibilities, options, opportunities, a new life.  I had to deal with adversity. The path to success is not a straight line and through my different encounters, I built a strong stamina. I learnt to not let people’s limited beliefs affect me. Everyone has their own insecurities and boundaries, but that’s theirs. I have a different perspective on life. I experience it, try, make mistakes sometimes, learn from them and start all over again until I get it right.
So you are a fashionista? What do you keep with you as your key essentials?
I love my red velvet lipstick by Bourgeois, it’s stainless and last all day. Somehow I always have some Euros in my purse, in case I need to go to Paris. I have a little note pad where I write any good ideas I could have at the most random moments.
Fashion Industry is big and you broke it down into 4 key courses at 3 Colour Rule? What makes them unique?
We offer 4 great fashion courses to become a fashion stylist, personal shopper, colour consultant or wardrobe stylist. We proud of our courses. They are well written, structured content, visuals to support understanding and full of practical exercises to learn along the way. To ensure our trained stylists are confident applying what they learnt in the real world, they are required to complete a real styling session with a real person. This is their final assignment. We are the only training academy to include this in our programme.
If we are successful, what would the jobs out there entail?
(We broke down to the basics of what she said).
Each job is focused on different element of a style transformation.
Step 1: Style Identity (fashion stylist)
Step 2: Colour identity (Colour Stylist)
Step 3/4: Wardrobe Revamp (Personal shopper/Wardrobe Stylist)
Step 1:
 A fashions stylist identifies the style personality/body shape of her client and then suggests styles that suit her lifestyle. A great fashion stylist should be creative, kind, reassuring and should know how to respect her client’s style persona and bring out the best version.
Step 2:
A colour consultant identifies the colours that suit her client’s personality/colouring and teaches her how to wear colours. A good colour stylist knows how to find the right colours and colour combinations that compliment someone’s personality and physical appearance. It’s an art we teach.
Step 3:
The personal shopper teaches her client how to shop for clothes and accessories that correspond to her style personality/body shape/colouring.
Step 4:
The wardrobe stylist helps her client create an endless number of versatile outfits with items in her wardrobe
Ah. Ok. That explains why fashion industry is that big. We only see one element most of the time but that shows a different element that we did not expect….
What is the last book you read and why did you enjoy it?
I just read again a book I love, the Alchemist and I’ll tell you why. 
Few years ago, I was in Cannes for the film festival. Thanks to my sister, we could access the private lounge. Like me, some of you have read The Alchemist, the most famous novel. Right? So for a while, I was chatting with this old man full of wisdom who shared with me some uplifting advice. It’s only now, while curiously goggling the name of the author, that I realised I was talking to the one and only Paulo Coelho Somehow, I’m glad I didn’t realise who he was. It makes that moment even more meaningful. Everything in life happens for a reason.
I read more than one book at the time, just finished reading also The Leadership Plain & Simple by Steve Radcliffe
So you offer a free e-book resource for Budding Fashionistas – so why should they get it?
The book is very personal and full of practical tips that they can easily apply. I wanted readers to learn from the mistakes I made through my career. If they can get it right from the start, they are more likely to succeed, therefore more likely to take the leap of faith.  It’s excellent for anyone who wants to start their own business, work for a fashion brand or have it as a part time activity.
11.  What are the 3 main tips from the book?
·         Be original don’t copy but get inspired to be different
·         Build your network, no one can make it alone
·         Build your personal brand to strengthen your credibility, your value and power of influence.
We have talked allot about 3 colours . But what makes you – you?
I’m an optimist. I have learnt to nurture my own sanity by seeing good in every situation. Mental stamina is so important to be able to reach our dreams. I surround myself with people who are positive and inspire me to be the best.
What are the main things the courses will give the budding fashionistas?
With us, they get a lifetime support, recognition and fantastic fashion opportunities to launch their career.  We love fashion and we care about personal well being.
Thanks for your time, Flavilla.  Good luck on your ever evolving journey.
For More Info on 3 Colour Rule – Click Here

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