Interview with Nico Vega

Nico Vega are a female fronted alt-pop band from California and they recently played the Leeds/Reading Festival this year.  Their sound is very fresh and they have been really popular in the US, receiving love from MTV, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, NPR and Wall Street Journal.
…features some of the most unstoppable pop-rock hooks heard all year” – Billboard
“[lead singer]Aja Volkman still brings it with enough visceral
force to make Florence Welch sound like Dora the Explorer.” – Blackbook

It would have been silly of us not to take a little time and have a chat with such an up and coming band, so when the opportunity to ask them a few questions arose, we snapped the chance up!

Nico Vega -1- Credit Catie Laffoon -SmallTell us all about Nico Vega, how the band came about and who you are.

We met years ago.  First Rich the Guitar player and I (Aja) started playing music together with our original drummer (who’s deceased mothers name was Nico Vega).  We sort of all fell in love with each other and wrote a bunch of songs. Then, 2 years later, our original drummer (Mike Peña) had a movie career that was taking off. We were ready to buckle down and really be serious, so we found a new drummer(Dan Epand) and he was a perfect fit for what we were doing. It worked beautifully.

As a band, where do you find your inspiration?

All over the place. I think that’s why we have so many sounds — We enjoy everythingexcept being boring.:)

What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since forming?

I had this random opportunity to work with the director David Fincher on some music a few years ago. He never actually used what we did, but none the less, that day was one of the best days of my life.

You have an amazing pop-rock sound that is catchy and easy to listen to.  Who are your influences?

Vocally, anybody from Tina turner to Dylan and Cash and the Stones even. Musically, it’s just anything that inspires me.

Do you have any tattoos, plans for more or favourites?

No Tattoos. I used to have one, but I ended up having it removed years after getting it.  It’s nice to have none.

We see Nico Vega being a massive hit in the UK, what is next for the band?

That’s so awesome to hear. If it is, we will be back for sure. Our experiences there have been so amazing. I am a fan!!

You played Leeds/Reading this year, how was it?

Honestly… So rad. We felt really special being invited to play a festival.  It’s been one of our first and for sure our biggest. I ate way too much chocolate and cheese. I’m scared to come back because I can’t control my appetite when overseas!!  The European cheeses and chocolates blow ours away.

Thank you so much to Aja for taking the time to chat with us.  You can hear Nico Vega’s latest song on YouTube!

Music Video: “I Believe (Get Over Yourself)

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