Intro – The End of Year Award Contenders


Welcome to our look at the year that was 2015. We know the year is not over yet but its time to look at what has happened in the year.

Traditional Awards

We will be doing the traditional awards generally seen, Best Game, Best Music, Best TV Show and Best Film. We will however be flipping the rules to be more untraditional.

So, this week will be the first contenders and they were not the traditional major titles usually scene.

Extra Awards

After deciding the usual 4, we be digging deep and looking at other things we have seen and heard in this year.

These include:

  • Best Sporting Moment
  • Best Food/Drink Reviewed
  • Best TV/ Film Moment
  • Best New Entertainment Concept

And much more.

So we are happy to hear suggestions as we have plenty of time before the end of the year. 


Award Guideline – We wrote this to show our favourite bits of the year, no awards will be physically given. 

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