Introduction to the Love Buzzard – Music Review/Interview


Love Buzzard have been a band recently with have resonated well with their audiences with their take on “garage thrash” and bring a new level of creative thought to it.

We got a chance to see their video for $$Cash$$ and we were astonished by the way the music and the lyrics interact with the video itself.  Crazy sounds to match a crazy video.


We talked to Love Buzzard about their music and their feelings behind it.

What is your style of music to you?
Don’t really look at it as a style, it is what it is. Noisey, fuzzy, loud, sexual.
Thats good in a way, you see the band as a style itself and you take the sound where it flows best.
Stylistically your video for your latest single is very unique, what was the idea behind the video?
Well the song if about the evil of money. We kinda had this idea of a fat grotesque business man stuffing his face with chickens and throwing money at a lap dancer whose face kept changing into an old horrible looking granny, then the directors YOUTH HYMNS (who are geniuses btw!) thought it might be cool for us to go around throwing money at people and them turning into weird grotesque monster things drawn by our mate Russell Taysom. Then that sort of turned into us shooting cash at people. It kind of all kept developing from there…
Its good to see that you have creative friends around you to help develop your videos to match the amped up sounds.
Your Touring the UK so what should we expect from your live shows?
To be like a runaway train.
Good to hear. Final Question, cause we know you are pretty busy. What has been the most positive experience you have had involving music?
 Meeting an 88 year old ex-miner called Ted when we played up in Barnsley. Inspirational geyser.

Our Thoughts

A band to watch out for. We wish we could go see them live but cannot due to conflicting schedules. Hope to see a lot more of them in the future.


For more info:

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They are hitting the UK Shores on:

Sat 25th July– Leighton Buzzard, The Wheafsheaf

SUN 9th Aug– London w/ Bad For Lazarus, ROADKILL ALL DAYER, Lock Tavern

FRI 23rd-25th Aug– London, FALL OUT FESTIVAL



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