Iron Fist – Netflix Review S01E01


From the mountains of reviews we have seen from sites saying in their headlines – It’s bad. We decided to try out the pilot to see if the reviews are right or wrong. 

Going into this we know very little about Iron Fist. So lets see….

Main Highlights

We will put a few minor spoilers in but wont ruin the full series for you. 



Danny Rand’s Return (The Beginning)

It sets the tone with the eye drawn to Danny and his unkempt nature. 

“That’s my building”

From his kid like happiness to returning to his kung fu skills, it highlights the character we are about to see.  His initial confrontation with Ward and Joy, then getting thrown out the building.

The flashbacks

The flashbacks confirm the crash and the relationship as children of Danny, Joy and Ward.  It builds well as the beginning of a story arc. It might not be as action packed in the initial episode(as Daredevil, JJ and Luke Cage) but the way it puts the action in is good.

The Characters

It introduces the dynamic well and you want to hate the bad guy Ward and you tend to route for the outsider Danny.  But it keeps blending in the grey areas where you don’t know what is happening.

Big Al is a good city guide and Colleen gets a good cameo to start her arc.


Overall Thoughts

The initial few minutes were intriguing and it did not act like the other pilots did.  Iron Fist is a very mystical character and the show acted in that way.

You will see where you think the show is going but will it?  It has good elements and might not be the show you expected from Netflix.  But always expect the unexpected.

We wanted a good story to begin with and it gave it that.


A good episode – a solid 4/5.







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