Is It Ever Too Clean?


There has been much debate recently about whether we, as a nation, have become too obsessed with cleaning.  Sounds like an insane statement to make, how can getting rid of bugs and germs be a bad thing?  Some say that by killing the nasty bugs and germs in our homes we are reducing the exposure to them and in turn stopping our bodies from creating immunity to them in our early years.  There is also a move towards more natural cleaning methods, not just for the above reason, but environmentally concious ones.  Not to mention that the rise is asthma means that the harsh chemicals in many household cleaners can create triggers for sufferers and bring on attacks.

So what are the right steps to take?  We do not suggest you stop cleaning, far from it, but if you interested in moving towards a more natural way of cleaning that uses less chemicals and still keeps your home bacteria free, then maybe the e-cloth is for you.

E-ClothWhat is the e-cloth?

Surprisingly, the e-cloth is a cloth that can clean any hard surface, just using water.   It will remove dirt, grease and over 99% of harmful bacteria, leaving streak free, clean and sparkling surfaces in it’s wake.

You DON’T need any additional chemicals, sprays, scrubs, lotions, potions or bangs with the e-cloth, it works simply with water from the tap!  This makes it absolutely fantastic for asthma sufferers, or those with allergies, not to mention removes those hard chemicals from the home, which is a money saver also!

How do they work?

The cloths do not contain any chemicals at all, instead they use 480,000 fibres per cm 2 this means that as you use the cloth there are more edges that touch the dirt and grease, this breaks it up and along with the bacteria, traps them in it’s fibrous testicles.  Leaving you with clean, polished surfaces!

The people at e-cloth commissioned the Skiller Group, (who are internationally accredited) to carry out a study on the e-cloth and how well it performed against nasty bacteria like E.coli and Listeria.  The results were a staggering 99% of bacteria were removed from the surface.  Furthermore when the cloth was rinsed, just with warm water, only 0.01% of bacteria was reintroduced.

What do they clean?

Any hard surface indoors or outside.  Glass, stainless steel, appliances, floors, windows, tiles, the bath, the sink and so much more

In fact they do a whole range of wipes that specialise in many areas, or you can just use the general purpose cloth, which has up to 300 uses.


There are some tips to getting the most fro your e-cloths if you do give them a go:

  • Rinsing daily with warm water.
  • Give them a regular spin in the washing machine between 30º and 60º.  Try not to use much soap powder though, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the cloth.  This can be rectified with a hot wash though.
  • Occasionally give the cloths a hot wash at 90º or pop them in some boiling water to sterilise them.
  • Never use bleach or fabric conditioner.



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