Is Jim Parsons leaving The Big Bang Theory?


Reports abound today that one of the starts of beloved show The Big Bang Theory stormed off set after a fight with a co-star.  Allegedly Jim Parsons, 41, who plays Sheldon Cooper on the show had a falling out with Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard Hoffsteader and then left the set without a word.

Empire News is reporting that Parsons has left the show completely, stating that Chuck Lorre has even said there is interested from other parties such as Michael Cera.  The online publications goes on to quote Galecki as saying:

“I don’t really care that [Parsons] is gone.
We can do a whole hell of a lot better with someone else, anyway,”
Last season ended with [Parsons’ character] Sheldon running away
because Leonard was moving out of the apartment.
He was supposed to come back, obviously,
and we shot a few scenes with him back,
but now, the hell with it, they’re just going to
write him out permanently.”

If this is true, it will certainly be a blow for fans far and wide, The Big Bang Theory without Sheldon couldn’t possibly be the same.  The character’s development over the years has been incredible to watch and the audience feels it has grown side by side with Sheldon,much of this of course is down to how Parson portrays and interprets the character.

However, Viral Global News is stating that this in fact a hoax.  There has been no comment from CBS, Jim Parsons or the rest of the cast. In fact the show was renewed for a further three seasons, even after there was a small hiccup recently when cast members wanted a pay rise.

Season eight is set to start in September and we couldn’t be more excited to see what happens in the lives of our favourite scientists and of course Penny.  There doesn’t appear to be an official statement of any kind, but who knows what the future holds, we hope that Jim is staying!

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