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In recent years there has been a definite surge in the appreciation of all thing retro and it only seems to be growing stronger everyday, but what exactly do we class as retro and why?

Retro is classed as anything that pertains to a recent time in history and recent is the key word here.  Although it can be argued that the term recent is subjective, here is makes perfect sense.  Most people see retro as going back as far as the 1950’s or 1960’s and the time that comes before that, should really be classed as Vintage.  Of course as time marches on so will the way in which we can use the term retro, pretty soon the 1950’s will be more vintage than retro, they are already on the cusp.

To those people who are in a very contemporary mindset, it may be difficult to understand the reasoning behind such a fascination with times gone by, but to those who have a love of history and appreciation for the more simplistic way of life, embracing retro is easy.

So how can you join the Retro Revolution?

The nation is currently flooded with products that hark back to years gone by, it seems to

John Lewis - £49.99

John Lewis – £49.99

be quite the fashion now and this makes it harder to know where to start.  One fantastically quick and easy approach is to use your kitchen.

It has been said, that when wanting to introduce a new idea or style to your home, that beginning in the kitchen is the perfect way to start.  It can be incredibly affordable as rather than changing the whole look of the heart of your home at once, it can be done slowly, without disrupting the style you already have, as kitchens are quite a hodgepodge of items anyway.

A name, from the kitchen, that stretches back far into the realms of vintage, let alone retro, is Salter.  We would wager that even if you haven’t heard of them, you will have at

Amazon - £29.99

Amazon – £29.99

one point or another used one of their amazing products.  Salter have been the makers of scales since 1760, they are experts in the field and generally thought of as the leader when it comes to kitchen scales.

Throughout those 254 years Salter have created some of the most popular and most used weighing scales and they have come in all shapes and sizes.  They have just released a series of retro and vintage scales for your kitchen, re-releasing the designs that were popular so many years ago.

Known for their quality and high standards, not to mention the longevity of their items, Salter are a great way for you to introduce a little retro, or indeed a bit of vintage into your life and your kitchen.



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