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Every lady out there has occasion to wear make up and when they do they want it to be perfect, flawless and smudge free for as long as possible.  Sometimes hours can be spent on creating the most beautiful look imaginable, only for the wearer to arrive at their destination to find a less than perfect visage as their make up has slipped, smudges and generally looks completely different to stepping out of the house.

It’s frustrating!

Novalash have come to the rescue with their new 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptych sets.  Containing three stunning coordinated cream eye shadows, a double ended applicator brush and JETliner Eye Pencil, everything is included to create a striking look that will stay put for 24 hours! SugarCandyMountain1 We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these amazing boxes of wonder that come in a number of incredible collections including, Black Eyes Of Paradise, Garden Of Eden, Earthly Delights, Forbidden Fruits and Sugar Candy Mountain.  The last one is the one we are sharing with you today and it is a total beauty! The first thing that draws you in is the packaging, it has a decidedly ephemeral feel to it that is a pleasure to look upon.  The colours featured on the outside of the fabulously vintage inspired box are a hint of those contained within. Sugar Candy Mountain contains the signature Triptych of cream eye shadows in Dragon Tree, Gilded Wing and Angel Face.  Each of the shades are beautiful in their own right, but when they are applied together they seem to come alive and create a sublime, yet dramatic look in superb spring cum autumn tones. The colours are not the only special thing about this triptych, each pot of eye shadow has different properties and therefore adds another edge to the look achieved by using them.

  • The Dragon Tree pot contains a lovely muted green that has a satin finish, gliding on effortlessly and leaving behind a golden green sheen that is both illuminating and captivating.
  • Gilded Wing is an autumnal bronzed orange, it resembles a gilded umber tone and has an elegant and modern matte finish.
  • Angel Face is a soft, subtle rosy pink hue that sparkles as it catches the light, adding interest and detail to the finished look.

The Cardinal Sin Eye Pencil completes the look with a rich, deep black.  The pencil is not overly hard, making it easier to apply to the eyes.

It boasts being long wearing, soft and creamy, no creasing, no touch ups needed, it’s waterproof, humidity proof and easy to apply, not to mention it leaves no residue on the lashes when applied!

Novolash 3On The inside of the box is a very handy guide on achieving an ever changing look that transitions from morning to evening and then into dramatic.  We decided to give this a go, of course we aren’t professional make up artists.

The first application uses Dragon Tree, to create an everyday look, which can then be altered by adding Glided Wing just underneath the lower lash line and finally again, Novolash4for a more dramatic finish, using Angel Face from the crease of the eye up to the brow.

We were really impressed with the quality and pigment of the collection and will definitely be making it a regular feature in our make up routines!

That is not all though, we also have one of these incredible sets to give away to one of our lucky readers! Good luck! Win A Novalash 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptych Set



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