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James Martin is one of the country’s best loved chefs, he is most notably famous for Saturday Kitchen.  Unfortunately James has decided to step down from his role as host on the show leaving fans wondering just how they will get their weekly dose of their top chef.  Luckily there is an answer, an alternative to reruns of Saturday Kitchen and that is James Martin’s new book, Slow Cooking.

Slow Cooking by James Martin is packed full of fantastic recipes that are full of flavour, but require the minimum effort to make.  James is best known for his infectious passion about food, desire to make every dish taste its very best and be accessible to everyone.  This love of food and cooking oozes out of Martin’s cook book that focuses on slow cooking.

This is not a cook book that requires special equipment in the kitchen, it is good, old fashioned, home cooked meals that are reminiscent of the meals that your grand mother cooked.  The kind of food that would take all day to cook and filled every corner of the house with mouthwatering aromas.  Slow Cooking has some of the most delicious slow cooked dishes, from soups to dinners and breakfasts to desserts, James has covered everything.

There are so many dishes to chose from but our favourites have to be Marrow, Ginger and Cardamom Preserve, Miso Marinated Monkfish, Chicken with Red Peppers, Chorizo and Chili, as well as Strawberry Meringues with Cream.  All of the recipes are easy to follow and accompanied by beautiful photography that will make your belly rumble with mouthwatering hunger.

Slow Cooking by James Martin is available from Quadrille for £20.


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