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simpleanimal1If your bored with the plain polish you have had on for a few days now or your wanting a simple nail art look that you can do with the minimum of time and effort. Then this will be idea for you.

All the items used here are standard items from the high street shops, in fact they are Barry M, widely and easily available. This manicure uses the Barry M all in one product that is a Base coat, top coat and hardener in one, A Gelly Hi Shine polish in a colour of your choosing, then Barry M’s Nail art pens, which are simple to use.

First base coat nails allow to dry, then do two coats of your chosen colour, Drying between each coat. Here we have used a green called Kiwi.

simpleanimal2Then using the nail art pen in black, do simple curved shapes facing inwards to each other, starting about halfway up the nail, see the picture for an idea of the shapes, the do not need to all be the same, its to give the idea of an animal print and so a bit of variety in the pattern is actually a good thing. You can also do the whole nail if that is the look you want!

The all you do is using a couple of different colour nail art pens is add a little dot of colour between the two inward curves of the print. These pens are really easy to use, you can chose to do one colour or even more if you wish. When dry top coat. Then you are all finished.

It really is as quick and as simple as that, it takes no time at all!


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