Jazzpunk – Game Review


A game packed with fun, stupidity and numerous random references.  A fun riot. – Available on PC.


From the opening credits, the scene is set early.  A scene in the Airport of London with jazzy tune playing. The lead character, “Polyblank” appears on the airport luggage turntable in a suitcase – strangely. Thus the game begins.

The story of a secret agent set within an alternate reality Cold War. Comedy and adventure are high on the priority list. Spy concepts spoofed are corporate espionage, cyber crime and the martini.

The missions are divided into exotic locations accessed through the boss’s office – with a bottle full of drugs.  Each locale is parodied well and the crazy nature of the game gets weirder the further in the player gets.


Gameplay is fun and strange to fit in with the story. The first mission takes the player to Russia. Where completing strange objectives such as killing pigeons and using a rotary phone completes the level.

“My Fly Shop has been infested with vases – opposite of that” 

The side missions are where it gets interesting with the variety of mini games high. Eating “Miso Sphinter” to killing flies in a vase shop – and that’s just the second mission.  Side missions are optional but definitely most are worth doing.


Side Mission - Eat This - mmm shall I?

Side Mission – Eat This – mmm shall I?

Don’t expect “COD” or “Battlefield” levels of graphics as that is part of the uniqueness of the game. Why not go play “Wedding Qake” – the parody of Quake.


A good quick game with an average play through being 5-7 hours. It would be one of the strangest games to play but it’s quirkiness is its strength.  The amount of stuff spoofed mean this is for the “Airplane” style comedy fan.  Throw a red bandana and a pizza at a turtle – thus Ninja Turtle.


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