Jedward In Peril


It was reported yesterday that Jedward had to be rescued by a helicopter after being stranded on a sandbank in Dublin.

The Lucan twins, John and Edward, rose to fame in 2009 after appearing on The X Factor.  The country was divided as to whether they were pure genius or simply annoying.  However the boys did not let it phase them and they kept doing their thing and released three albums, two of which went double platinum in Ireland alone!

However fame was the last thing on their minds yesterday when they phoned their mother to get help after finding themselves stranded on a bank of shifting sands near Malahide, Dublin.

Mum Susanna Grimes acted quickly, phoning the Coast Guard who rushed to rescue the pair immediately.  It was however hours before the pair could be located as attempts to locate them by using their iPhones failed.  The Coast Guard then despatched their helicopter to find John and Edward.  It wasn’t until 1am however, that they were rescued by a ten man strong team who waded through water, at times six feet deep, to get them safely back to their mum on solid ground.

A terrifying ordeal, the pop stars thanked the Coast Guard service and the team who rescued them.


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