A utopian fantasy comes to Xbox One, MacOS and Windows platforms, in the fantastic Jettomero from Ghost Time Games.

Our unassuming and accidental hero Jettomero finds himself alone and with no memory in the depths of the universe.  He sets off on a journey of discovery, one that will allow him to unlock the memories hidden within that will answer the questions he most desperately wants answered – where did he come from? What happened to him?

DD_Print1-copy-500x500As he embarks on his epic travels around the universe, going from planet to planet and system to system, he begins to discover that there are many inhabitants out there who need his help.  Giant, destructive robots threaten the universe and only he is able to stop them.  However, Jettomero is himself a giant clunky robot, one that towers high above any cities that he visits and as such finds that he needs to take extra care on his visits, or else he will destroy the lives and infrastructure around him.  He is kind hearted and determined to save the universe, but his clumsy nature makes his task that much more difficult.

DD_Print4-copyWith each planet he visits, Jettomero must find the resources he needs to travel onto the next.  Whilst he is there he searches for hidden treasure that allows you, the player, to customise him, making him completely unique.  Of course there is every chance that he will come across one of the hordes of robots threatening that solar system, if he does battle will ensue and the only thing that will save our quirky hero is your skills in the button mashing fight.

Jettomero is a charming, comic inspired game that features vibrant, stunning vistas for you to explore and an amazing soundtrack that add the perfect atmosphere to an already captivating game.  

Available now from £10.39 Jettomero is a game you will pick up and love, helping this bulky, unassuming hero save the universe and find out who he really is! 

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