Johnson’s Baby, A Classic


This is a great new product aimed at helping stressed out parents to successfully wash their children’s hair in the quickest and easiest way possible. The new 2-in-1 Baby shampoo and conditioner contains gentle moisturisers and light conditioners and helps to make toddlers’ hair lovably soft and easier to manage. In fact three quarters of mums agreed using the product made it easier to comb their toddler’s hair, even after it was dried and thanks to our NO MORE TEARS® formula, have more fun washing their hair as it is mild on the eyes.


Here is the new JOHNSON’S Baby Light Oil Spray (various RRP: currently £3.11 at Boots) which is a lovely new product that is great for both Mums and babies alike. It is specially formulated to offer women a convenient and easy way to get irresistibly babysoft skin.


Perhaps the most popular of all the range is the JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion. Its distinctive smell and silky smooth formula leaves even the most delicate of skin feeling well-nourished and hydrated. The smell alone transports parents, babies… whoever to happy memories of being a child, a must have that passes down baby soft skin from generation to generation.


A well-known ‘beauty insider’ secret for silky smooth hair is to use baby shampoo due to its softer ingredients and comforting natural scents – JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo can be used by the youngest and oldest of people, and leaves all hair feeling fresh and irresistibly soft. The NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.


Finally, a classic must have JOHNSON’S Baby product is the JOHNSON’S® Baby Gently Cleansing Wipes that also contain the unique NO MORE TEARS® moisturising baby lotion, so they are mild and gentle and can be used all over the body, even around the most delicate eyes.



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