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Having a child is not only daunting and expensive, it can be a really confusing time for any new parent, especially if it is your first time.  It is difficult to know what products are right for you and your family, nothing is truer in this respect than trying to pick out a pushchair.  There are so many on the market and they all have different benefits, but sifting through the thousands on offer can be overwhelming.  We decided to have a look at a couple of the market’s leading pushchairs to give you the low down and hopefully help you with making this decision.

Joie Litetrax 4 Pushchair 

The Joie Litetrax 4 Pushchair is an impressive piece of kit and they seem to have taken into consideration the complications of using a pushchair in the modern world.  

litetrax4_eclipse_productpg_fashionSuitable for use from the day that your little bundle of joy is born, the Litetrax 4 Pushchair has a snazzy flat reclining seat for maximum comfort where baby is concerned.  Of course there is always the worry that with the seat being adjusted, your little one may wake up, but Joie had ensure that the reclining motion is completely smooth , it can be activated with just one hand and baby will stay asleep throughout! Now, we know they wont stay tiny babies for very long, but this pushchair has a number of different positions to give them the most comfortable ride, even as they do begin to grow, there is even an adjustable leg rest to provide that extra bit of comfort.

The position in which your new baby is laid of course, is not the only issue when out and about using a pushchair.  What if baby falls asleep and it is sunny or raining?  Have no fear because Joie have included a large hood that can be expanded so that their little eye are protected from the sun and their little face from rain and wind.  Along with the weather, we are sure another concern is the terrain over which you will be pushing the new pushchair, many roads and pathways today can be rather uneven, resulting in a bumpy ride, but Litetrax has a four wheel streamlined chassis and also has an all-wheel suspension that helps to cancel out the rougher routes, meaning there is less chance of upsetting baby while on the move and leaving them much more comfortable.  The wheels at the front are locking swivel wheels, keeping the buggy on the straight and narrow instead of veering off left and right on a whim. 

The safety and security of your new addition is going to be paramount, so the fact that there is a bumper bar included in the design should help set your mind at ease, it is removable too.  One of the best security features has to be the harness system that Joie have included with the Litetrax 4.  It is a SoftTouch harness, so no irritation or annoyance will be felt by your little one, who is kept snug and safe within the five points of the belting system.  It even adjusts to 3 varying heights for the ultimate fit and experience.

We know that being on the move can mean that you are getting your pushchair in and out of the boot of your car, folding it away on buses or trains, even keeping it stored at home, so being able to get it quickly packed away and taking up as little space as possible is going to be an important selling point to anyone in the market for a buggy.  The Joie Litetrax 4 has a quickly accessed folding mechanism that is in the middle of the seat.  Like the adjustment of the reclining seat, the folding can actually be performed using just one handeasy, quick and leaving the Litetrax 4 neatly packed away compactly.  This means that it can be stored easily at home or even in a small boot if needs be and there are no worries about little fingers opening the pushchair once folded away, as it has an automatic lock to prevent just this. 

There are a few other features that really caught our eye when we took a look at this particular pushchair, the large tray that provides storage for shopping and even the addition of a cup holder.  It also comes in a range of fabulous colours! 


ramble_chromium_productpg_fashionSometimes it can be easier when out and about with your baby, to keep them in total comfort without needing to switch carrying devices, potentially waking or upsetting the little one.  This is possible with a simple pushchair, despite all of the fabulous design features included, but Joie have a fantastic solution to this issue, the Ramble Carry Cot, which is completely compatible with the Litetrax 4, making it essentially a pram with detachable cot.  Genius! 

Again, suitable from the day that baby is born, the Ramble Carry Cot can be used all the way up until they are 9kg, so you will get plenty of use out it.  It is fully lined and cushioned so baby stays super comfy and cosy whilst in the Ramble, even sporting a cool weather boot!  There is a wonderful canopy to again keep your little one protected from the elements and of course it looks, like the rest of Joie’s range absolutely stunning.

You can find out more information and where to buy the Litetrax 4 Pushchair and Ramble Carry Cot from Joie.

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