Jose Mourinho opens up about his family, during a Father’s Day chat with Yahoo


As well as being one of the world’s most famous football managers,  Jose Mourinho is also a family man who juggles a high profile job with a good work life balance.  With Father’s Day just around the corner, Yahoo caught up with him to find out a little bit more about the family man behind his fierce football facade, and the relationship that he has with his own father.

Yahoo_Morinho_PR_B (1)

Yahoo_Morinho_PR_B (1)

On his work/life balance:
“I don’t balance.  Family is everything, even without football I would be a happy man with a happy family, I don’t need football to be happy, I need my family to be happy so family is far distant from football but the ideal puzzle is what I have, a fantastic family, a happy family and at the same time to work where I want to work and not many people in the world I think are lucky to work exactly in the job that makes them happy, so I can have everything”

On his daughter:
“My daughter is older, she is 17 and a fantastic girl and she knows what she wants to do and she gets big support from the mother which is the person who has more time with her during the day, but she is fantastic.  I don’t want to say too much but she is 17, she goes to the university next September, the university she wanted to go, she got the degrees [sic]she needed to go.”

On his son:
“My boy is younger, he is 14 and again we are very proud of him, not because he plays football and is showing some talent for that, we are proud of him too because he is a great kid and everybody says in school, in football he is very humble, nothing about “my father is this, my father is that”.  This is what makes me and my wife proud is that the principles are there.  They are good kids and I am very happy.”

On his son’s football career:
“I think [my father]did with me a little bit of what I am doing with my son- If you want to be, fine. If you don’t want to be, that’s not a problem for me.  My pride about you is not because you play, my pride about you is because of who you are and if you can succeed in any area.  The fact that my son plays football doesn’t make him special in relation to his sister, not at all.  I am so proud of the sister and what the sister is doing that I don’t care if he plays or if he doesn’t play.

And on the relationship he has with his own father:
“With my father it was a bit the same, he opened the door for me – if you want to be, you are, if you want to have access to my world the door is open for you but no pressure and I think that is the way to do it because if you have natural talent, you go and if you don’t have it or you don’t have a direct passion, you don’t go.”

Jose Mourinho is Yahoo’s Global Football Ambassador

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