Jumper 3D & Blu-ray



After falling into a frozen lake, David has a near death experience but also experiences his first jump (teleport).

David is a young man who has still not come to terms of his mothers disappearance, and is not getting along with his father played by Michael Rooker, Merle of the walking dead.

So with nothing for him in his town he leaves to start a new life along with his new found ability.

As his powers start to grow you start to see David jumping to any part of the world he can focus his mind on. He appears on all kinds of world monuments. He can live anywhere he chooses but he has no money. He begins to steal small amounts of money, first to cover his rent and then goes big. With the ability to get inside bank vaults, he starts to take enough to feed his new taste for the high life.

Everything seems to be going David’s way until reports of stolen money that seemingly vanishes, draws out the attention of a special kind of investigating officer. Roland played by Samuel L Jackson, is hot on his tail and discovers David has left enough leads to thrill an army of P.I’s.

So how long can David’s good thing last.

Unfortunately not having a 3D T.V I could only watch the Blu-Ray version.

The film is not quite what I expected. I was hoping for a Sci-Fi Action Thrill ride. Where it does have some elements of Sci-Fi, it is more of a teen action drama. It’s not a terrible film by far, it’s quite watchable and entertaining.

After a string of bad appearances in movies Jackson is back on good form. He plays a Bounty hunter type with a team at his command with some cool gadgets.

Hayden does however, play a bit of an arrogant teen who is out to get what he wants, live life to the full and impress a childhood sweetheart.

There are some good fight scenes and nice effects used throughout.

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