Are you a fan of side scrolling platformers, with old school charm and funky puzzles?  Kalimba is definitely a game you should check out.

The Island of Kalimba has been invaded and shrouded in darkness by an evil shaman.  It is up to you to bring light back to the island by uncovering the mystical totems of your people.

Kalimba_Character1You can play Kalimba either alone or in co-op mode with a friend.  You are basically two little blocks, (like the one on the left), who work in tandem to defeat the levels and ultimately the evil bosses.

What’s the catch?

Well, all of your moves in Kalimba are mirrored by your partner, if you jump, they jump, if you move right, so do they.  Do not fear though, getting the hang of the mechanics of the game takes no time at all, then you find yourself strangely addicted to this fabulous little puzzle platformer.  


As you progress through the levels they inevitably become harder, you move away from just jumping over obstacles and holes, to avoiding enemies you can’t kill and navigating neon goo.  The goo starts to come in two colours instead of just one and suddenly you see this in your characters too.  What happens when the blocks and goo of different colours touch?  You die and have to start that section over again! 

Kalimba is a game with lots of character and full of vibrant levels.  Hoebear guides you through the campaign levels with a little sass and lots of helpful tips and tricks, just don’t skip his bits….don’t say we didn’t warn you.  There is plenty to keep you entertained in this simple, yet captivating world that draws you in and refuses to release its grip on you.  The magical levels throw new challenges at you all the time, forcing you to use your wits and controller skills to complete each one.

Fun, bright, engaging, we think Kalimba is a winner! 

You can pick Kalimba up on Xbox One for £7.99 or on Steam for £6.99.


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